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The Best Of Both Worlds

Caris Han

“Senior Georgia Peden gazes upon her artistic legacy from 4th grade at Terra Linda Elementary school. She worked on the fountain at the bottom center.

Caris Han, Writer

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While Sunset’s graduating class of 2017 enjoys its fair share of iTunes’ Top 100 songs,  many of my peers have been slyly listening to Hannah Montana’s Nobody’s Perfect and binging Spongebob episodes on late Friday nights. Amidst us, the phenomenon of senioritis nostalgia is manifesting itself- finding comfort within elements of their childhood, seniors reminisce in old memories. Symptoms include watching classic Disney movies and singing along to our OG heartthrobs- Jesse McCartney, the Jonas Brothers, and Big Time Rush.

Why are seniors suddenly so nostalgic?

Let me break it down for you. Each Freshman class walks through the double doors of Sunset High School with certain expectations for high school and tries to fit the mold of finally being older and more mature.

Sophomores and Juniors have an urgency to satisfy their curiosities of what it’s like to have some leverage in their own freedom, like getting that permit and that first car. Finally, you can go on spontaneous trips to Seaside or check out the newest foodie spot in downtown Portland.

But when senior year arrives, “adulting” slowly becomes a reality. Suddenly, you find yourself with your own job, partially paying for insurance, applying for college, and thinking about potential future careers. Whether you are consciously or unconsciously avoiding responsibilities, everyone is scared about the future.

“Going to college is a scary experience because you’re leaving your home and friends. I think there is some solace in watching childhood movies and remembering the good old days when we actually had recess,” senior, Bianca Pak explains.

Perhaps the worst part of having senioritis nostalgia is the heavy weight of realization that seniors can never be as carefree as they once were. There is no going back – and there is only a limited amount of time left. In the meantime, seniors spend their free time at the local elementary school’s playground or rejuvenate themselves by watching Finding Nemo. But senior year is definitely a transitional year where one can attempt to balance being “an adult” while still being an immature teenager.

So, Class of 2017, enjoy it while you can!

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The Best Of Both Worlds