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The Death of the Planner

Caris Han, Staff Writer

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  • The 2015-2016 Sunset Planner rests in peace- you will be missed. (Caris Han)
  • Senior Natalie Jacobson holds up her Erin Condren planner. She often decorates it at coffee shops with her close friend, Patty. (Emma Chesnut)
  • Senior Avery Kelly’s color coordinates her weekly planner, bought at a local store downtown, ecru modern stationer. (Emma Chesnut)

An array of color Staedtler pens scatter across the tiny surface area of the desk, as senior Patty Karafotias carefully schedules in the future NHS meetings into her Erin Condren planner and lists a chronological to-do list.

This year, Sunset with the Beaverton School District, introduced a future ready initiative by providing chromebooks to every student. Through Canvas, students may virtually navigate through IB Anthropology to their English 10 course information and are highly encouraged to use the calendar section. Thus, the tragic death of the planner has taken place.

Traditionally, Sunset commemorates the beginning of the school year with the distribution of planners, designed by one of our very own Apollos. Students and teachers alike may not be comfortable letting go of the trusty paper and pen to organize their lives. Some students state that they still use their phone for basic things to quickly jot down, but when it comes down to really organizing the hectic IB student’s life: balancing rigorous academic classes, part time jobs, water polo practice or whatever extracurricular it may be, sometimes hand-writing every bit and detail on paper is the only sufficient way to go.

Additionally, the planners were the core of the Apollo Time system (AT). Students requested to get extra help in a class with a teacher signature and “traveled” during 8th period. But this may possibly change to scanning student IDs instead.  

On the other hand, students have raised complaints about the electronic Canvas calendar. Some state that the Canvas schedule looks too messy- you cannot easily hide or delete events that do not pertain to you. But the core of the complaints stem from the very core of the technological upgrade- Chromebooks depend on a stable wifi connection while Canvas itself may have unforeseen problems with the server.

Mrs. Stephanie Lalley, an English teacher at Sunset remarks, “I can tell, the way students walk around this school- they’re all busy. So why not give the professional courtesy to young men and women that are about to be in the collegiate realm or the work force and put the onus on them to put it into their electronic planner instead of the paper one? I think it gets them more ready for the real world.”

As Mrs. Lalley suggests, some students already use an electronic device to organize parts of their lives, but the user interface is most likely a higher quality program designed to be personalized and easily editable by the user. Apps such as my Homework and PlannerPro are much better alternatives than a mundane calendar on Canvas with little to no flexibility.

Just as some readers prefer to read a physical copy rather than an ebook, there are Apollos who simply cannot depart from our first loves- the physical planner. So, though writing in each odd and even day is not quite ideal, many students still opted on getting their own planners. Hopefully, our Sunset Apollos will achieve productivity and battle through the academic rigor of IB no matter the method.

Below are examples of creative spins our fellow Sunset Apollos made their individual planners.

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The Death of the Planner