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Fashion and Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2017

Kylie Loberg, Writer

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When future generations look back at trends in our decade we want them to think how chic and fashionable we were, not embarrassing and cringeworthy. It’s a new year and we should start it out right with classy fashion and makeup! Fashion is incredibly fun, but sometimes people tend to go overboard with it. Let’s just say style choices don’t always make people look their best!

Cold Shoulder Tops: They’re shirts or sweaters with holes cut out in the shoulders that cause your shoulders freeze all day. Honestly, these tops don’t look sexy or trendy, it just looks like you cut some holes where your shoulders are on accident.  

The photo from @sixfiftyclothing from Instagram, demonstrates a woman wearing “the basic cold shoulder top.”

Overly Distressed Jeans: It’s one thing to have a few rips in your jeans, but it’s another to look like your jeans just went through a blender. How about just wear shorts?!

This photo from @gads_rippedjeans from Instagram, is a picture of a very distressed pair of jeans. The jeans have multiple rips on them, making them the extreme ripped jean.

Leggings as Pants: Wearing a crop top with leggings is uncomfortable for you and everyone who happens to glance in your direction. Face it ladies, if I can see your underwear, then you aren’t wearing pants.

The username that posted this photo from Instagram, (@stopleggingsaspants) speaks for itself.The picture shows a girl with a pair of leggings on that clearly shows her underwear in broad daylight.


Makeup Trends

Makeup looks great, if you apply it correctly, but some makeup trends in 2016 were ridiculous and even painful! People used knives to highlight their face and people contoured every part of Kim Kardashian’s body. Seriously, what were they thinking?


Dramatic Eyebrows: If your eyebrows don’t match your natural hair color even a little, people are going to be suspicious. Bright blonde hair, black eyebrows, everyone knows that genetically, something isn’t adding up!

the photo from @badmakeuplauren from Instagram, shows that Lauren is experimenting with her eyebrows. In the picture, her eyebrows appear to be extreme and bold, looking like she went over her natural eyebrows and darkened her real color.

Heavy Contouring: Don’t get me wrong a little blush and bronzer can look beautiful! But using a knife and high heels to get “the perfect contour,” (ouch!) it’s going too far and is downright painful! FYI, you’re putting layers and layers of foundation, concealer, and powder on your face and that means more acne, bad skin, huge pores, maybe even some potential skin infections!

This photo from @makeupcontouring from Instagram, shows how far and how many pounds of makeup girls will have on to have the “perfect contour.”

Extremely Large Lips: An overlined, layered lipstick trend is out! Kylie Jenner’s lips are humongous and everyone wants them.Let’s face it, she got lip injections by a professional! Too much liner, lipstick, and lip gloss will look blatantly overdone.This is a makeup trend for the garbage.

his photo from @laydeehessa from Instagram clearly speaks for itself! It is all the rage thanks to Kylie Jenner, extreme, overlined lips not looking natural.

Overall, I hope you consider these new trends that seriously need a proper farewell in 2017! Please, just stop. It’s embarrassing for you and your mother, just take my advice on this.

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Fashion and Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2017