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Shows and Movies to nerd out on!

Aidan Lavelle

The writers of this article in South Park style. The writers contracted South-Park-itis after watching too many episodes of the popular animated Comedy Central series.

Emmily Botts and Aidan Lavelle

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Shows and Movies to nerd out on!

Bob’s Burgers (2011- ) is a show that follows the Belcher family as they run a burger shop, go to school and manage everyday life. There is the eponymous Bob who is a bit of a spaz, he is the dad of the family of four. Then we have Linda, an outgoing loving mother who is sometimes a bit crazy, but always means well. Tina is the oldest of her siblings and is a bit weird and boy crazed. Gene is the middle child who takes after his mother in his personality. The last member of the  Belcher family is Louise Belcher, she is a bit evil and makes skeems all throughout the show. Laurel a member of newspaper says “I think my dad’s addicted to it and he yelled at me when I interrupted him…”  This show is for every age group! On the nerd scale it’s a 7/10.

American Horror Story (2011- ) This show is rather dark. As an anthology series, none of the seasons are directly related. (Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, etc.) The human capacity for evil is a big theme in this. If viewers can handle the delusions of the conman in season four, they’ll be able to handle the rest of it, because it never gets more disturbing than that. 7/10 the quality varies some seasons are better than others but it’s still a show worth watching!

Silence of the Lambs (1991) This psychological thriller about an FBI agent receiving case consultation from an incarcerated cannibal has five Oscars to its name. The characters and dialogue are memorable and the acting is truly top notch. Best viewed with fava beans and a nice Chianti. 9/10 This movie will always keep you on edge.

South Park (1997- ) has been on the air since 1997 it will be running for 20 years next year. The base of the show follows four Colorado boys Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle who are in grade school. This series is extremely funny and keeps up with current events really well. “It’s stupid funny but not in a bad way”.- Kylie Loberg. The humor can get offensive, so if you’re sensitive to certain things, don’t watch this show. It might not be totally nerdy, however the cartoon is fun and keeps up with things that are geeky for that it’s a 8/10.

Law & Order SVU (1999- ) Although there are many different kinds of Law & Order series, SVU is the most commendable by far. The show follows detectives who investigate crimes in New York City. The crimes they investigate are sexual offenses. If you like the villain being brought to justice this is definitely the show for you! Law & Order is really fun to get into! It is a cop show and it’s worth sticking to, but if you’re looking for a geek score it’s 6/10.

The Original Twilight Zone (1959- 1964)  is a classic from the late 50’s to the mid 60’s. Every episode follows a new set of characters and something spooky always happens. Yes, the shows are in black and white; however, the amazing “on the edge of your seat” stories will always keep you coming back for a new episode. This cult classic was way ahead of its time because back in the day it was frowned upon on the touchy subjects such as suicide, the death penalty and war. Although there have been reboots, nothing compares to the original. The nerd score is 9/10. Because this show follows new characters, it’s hard to form a fandom around it.

Star Trek (Various years since 1966) This franchise represents a quintessential part of geek culture, and features a future society in which communism actually works. Over the years, episodes have been rife with social commentary. Do yourself a favor and see how good the franchise was before a reboot.10/10 due to the amazing effects for its time.

Supernatural (2005- ) is a show that most everyone has heard about. In a world with evil demons, angels, and monsters, Sam and Dean along with many other friends solve crimes and save the world from a dark fate. Kinda like Scooby but less PG. This show is a 10/10. It’s worth watching!

Terminator (1984) Terminator is a classic. The special effects used to bring the endoskeletal T-800 to life may not be able to compete with any modern special effects (or even the effects of later entries in the series), but the design became a sci-fi icon. It’s memorable enough that Arnold Schwarzenegger was often referred to as “the Governator” during his time as governor of California.  7/10, It’s fun to watch what happens in this exciting world.

Dexter (2006-2013) The show’s main character is a serial killer, but that doesn’t make him unlikable. Dexter works in the forensics department, and only targets other killers who have gotten away. Morality in this series is more often grey than black or white. Fair warning: If blood makes you squeamish, seek other entertainment. 8/10 the last couple seasons bring it down, but it will still keep you on the edge of your seat.

These shows are really fun to know and watch. Comic con and other nerdy events you will see people cosplaying as some of these characters. They are also addicting!


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Shows and Movies to nerd out on!