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2016-2017 Staff

Bridgette Skiba

Staff Writer

Bridgette Skiba is a junior who is psyched to join newspaper for the first time! She was born in Texas for the heck of it and was passionate about flag football for five years. She hates the ducks with a passion, and recently co...

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Alanya Conner

Staff Writer

Alayna Connor is a Junior at Sunset and spends her free time as a swimming prodigy. She competed at the Olympic trials for Rio but unfortunately didn't qualify. Alayna still had this very rare opportunity and nonchalantly walked into th...

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Kylie Loberg

Staff Writer

Kylie Loberg is a junior here at Sunset. This is her first year in Oregon, Kylie came here from a little town in Northern Michigan where she lived all her life  “The biggest life event I've ever had would probably be moving to...

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Laurel Hennig

Staff Writer

Laurel Hennig, a Junior, is a first-year Scroll staff member and a Portland native. Laurel enjoys writing fiction (especially fantasy) and joined the Scroll to explore a different kind of writing. She considers her style to be ...

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Emmily Botts

Staff Writer

Emmily Botts is a seventeen-year-old junior at Sunset High School who currently lives in Portland, OR. Emmily was born in the small town of Stockton in northern California and moved to Portland in her sophomore year of high s...

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Aidan Lavelle

Staff Writer

Aidan Lavelle is an adventurer who wants not just to live his life but enjoy it.  He sees himself being a graphic designer in the future that is all too close for this senior.  Aidan lived in Springfield Virginia before mov...

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Caris Han

Staff Writer

Senior, Caris Han joins the Scroll as a first-time staff member this year and is excited to see what’s ahead. While this is her second year at Sunset she has attended two other high schools and lived in many different homes a...

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Lauryn Pan

Staff Writer

Even though she is hesitant, senior Lauryn Pan and returning Scroll staff writer yearns for a “set” future. Lauryn has many aspirations like receiving scholarships and finding herself a stable job, but first she has to worry...

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Jamie Jeffers


With great enthusiasm and excitement for the new year, senior Jamie Jeffers returns to The Scroll to lead the team as an editor for the second year in a row. Her dedication to our newspaper began before she even stepped foot on...

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Ella Skiens


As an editor for the second year and a staffer for three years, the one thing that stresses Ella out the most is Newspaper. Whether it’s making schedules, staying late after school, or harping about deadlines, everyone can a...

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Emma Chesnut


Returning writer and Editor of The Sunset Scroll, Senior Emma Chesnut passionately pursues her interest in different people and cultures through her writing. She discovered her love for travel during her trip to Nicaragua, which also...

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Zoe Kim-Maskell

Design Editor

Senior, Zoe Kim-Maskellher is no stranger to the world of publications it's her seconded year as a Scroll Staff member and is a contributor to on the Sunset Ink literary magazine. As an IB Film student, poet, and dedicated Spee...

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