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Kylie and Karishma’s Relationship Advice

Kylie Loberg, Karishma Singh, Staff Writers

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Q: My boyfriend has been ignoring me, for a few weeks I have tried to contact him through everything: DMing him on Instagram, snapchatting him, texting and calling him but no response, and I see he posts on his Instagram and Snapchat constantly. I have been considering showing up at his house because it annoys me since we have been together for around a year now. I’m worried. What should I do?

It sounds to me like your boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend is ghosting you. Ghosting is ending a personal relationship with someone without explanation by  withdrawing from all communication. Since he has not attempted to contact you, my guess is that his way of breaking up with you is ghosting you. Yes, I know it is a lame way of doing it but trust me, ghosting has happened to everyone at one time or another.

Our advice to you is to accept the fact that your now ex-boyfriend is ghosting you. Truly reflect on the relationship, sit in the feelings that you have (don’t ignore them) and then simply let go. We know, it can be hard but if he can’t see how amazing and worthy you are then, to be honest, who needs them? We bet, that right about now, you want to keep blowing up his phone with texts, calls, Facetimes, DMs, subtweets, Facebook messages, whatever form of social media he has or could be using because you want him to see that you care and to notice you. Honey, trust us, he notices but he wants to be “the cool guy” and play those lovely little mind games with you. Don’t let him! This is exactly what he wants, to get to you. Don’t give him that power he craves.

So, get some friends, get the support you need and block him from every social media form. We know, it seems so hard right now but in the end, you will have the best results if you just block him this instant! You won’t look back and regret sending him all of those ridiculous texts to him. It is the best thing in the end. Don’t waste your time on him b, it’s not worth it! You’ll find someone way better and someone who actually cares about you.

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Kylie and Karishma’s Relationship Advice