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Thirteen reasons why you should watch Thirteen Reasons Why

Laurel Hennig, Staff Writer

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The show Thirteen Reasons Why has taken the world by storm via Netflix after the book came out as a best-seller written by Jay Asher. The protagonist Hannah Baker leaves 13 tapes after she commits suicide with the reasons why she did it. The tapes get passed around to everyone that is on them whether it be ex-friends, or mean jocks until they land right on Clay Jensen’s–Hannah’s almost loving interest and show protagonist–doorstep.  This show is not just fiction, it realistically portrays high school and the issue of teenage suicide.  Now for the thirteen reasons why you should watch this show.

  1. The actors do an amazing job portraying the characters
  2. It makes you feel something–sad, empathy, happy, angry–all in one brilliant depiction of what it’s like to be a teenager in high school.
  3. The entire season is on Netflix, you no longer have to wait a week for the next episode.
  4. Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  5. It makes you really think about your life and everyone in it–how you treat them and how you treat yourself.
  6. It makes you look at the effects of suicide and how it is never the right option.
  7. It is the right combination of serious, sad, and happy, but mostly sad.
  8. Brings to light a lot of current issues like suicide, gender stereotyping, rape, and many other issues that kids go through today.
  9. Let’s just mention again the emotion rollercoaster-yes I mentioned this before but it is a prominent idea in the story.
  10. It goes through the mind of a high school student who basically gets shit in every manner.
  11. Filming all came together to make a great production.
  12. While some things are different as in every adaption of a book to a movie, this does a wonderful job of taking the book and turning it into a brutally honest show about the troubles of high school and teenage suicide.
  13. And last but not least it almost perfectly captures what student life is like–and sadly enough, it’s relatable.
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Thirteen reasons why you should watch Thirteen Reasons Why